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The son of the famous Russian electronic sound creator Eduard Artemiev, Artemy is in his own right a talented Russian composer who works in the field of electronic music. His profession is soundtrack composition. He has scored music for more than fifty Russian feature films, documentary films, theater plays, and television programs.
The music of his first solo album,
"The Warning," was written in 1992-1993. It combines elements of symphonic music with dark, modern ambient textures. "The Warning" has appeal for those who like electronic sound as well as modern musical art.

"Cold" is the second solo music project by Artemiy Artemiev. Here the composer experiments with sound in an attempt to make listeners not only feel the cold embodied in the sound, but also to transmit it from the ears into the soul. Sonically, the experience consists of dense rhythmic textures and extreme tone colors.
What is cold? Is it a feeling of fear when you are afraid to lose the warmth that gives you life? Or is it a feeling of emptiness and loneliness? Maybe it is a certain state of existence where a person can look inside themself, escape the chaos, and comtemplate past, present and future.

In his third opus, Artemiev tries to find a "Point of Intersection" between two genres of music - electronic and electro-acoustic, and two cultures - Eastern and Western. The music is complex and multi-layered, fusing Russian classicism with multinational cultural influences and classic cosmic synthetics. It allows the listener to experience his own point of intersection between the harmony of nature and the human soul, between heaven and earth, between life and death.

With his fourth album, "Five Mystery Tales of Asia", Artemiev takes an audio excursion into the culture of the Far East. Combining electronics with the timbres and native instruments of Mongolia, China and Japan, this series of five compositions blends Mongolian folk themes with the mystical spirits of ancient Chinese dynasties and the ambience of a sacred Japanese temple. The musical result conjures up the magic of a moonlight meditation along the Great Wall.

PRICE: $16 per CD (Add $2 P/H)

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