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The Story so far...

1970's- FM radio, Alternative Magazine & 1st US Indie Distributor of Euro Rock

1980's- D.I.Y. LP + Cassette & CD label

1990's- Distribution via the WWW

2010- ~ Multimedia Podcasting, Interviews & Reviews.

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Exclusive Post Millennium Interviews

w/ Musicians & Producers

Pioneers of Euro Electronic

Space, Progressive, Experimental Music

Past ~ Present ~ Future!




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Mikhail Chekalin





Klassik Krautrock




Amon Duul 2




Ash Ra Tempel Live Paris




Manuel Göttsching




Baumann & Roedelius in Studio '78








Embryo in Tangiers




Guru Mani




Klaus Dinger




Ralf & Florian - LIVE USA 1975




Bartos & Fleur - LIVE USA 1975








Popol Vuh




Conny Viet




Tangerine Dream OHR Era




Uli Trepte Spacebox LIVE








Wolfgang Sequenza








Klaus Schulze




Floh de Cologne












Manuel & Rosi




Tangerine Dream Virgin Era




Witthuser & Westrupp




Starry Eyed Girl




Rolf Trostel




Rudiger Lorenz




Din A Testbild




Der Plan




Artistes Français




Lard Free




Urban Sax




Gilbert Artman




Art Zoyd




Univers Zero




Etron Fou Leloublan




Pascal Comelade




Armand Miralles








Annanka et Ivan - Fondation




Thierry Muller - Ilitch








Yochk'o Seffer




Richard Pinhas




Patrick Gauthier








Shub Niggurath








Andre Baldeck - Decko




Déficit des Années Antérieures




Didier Bocquet




Dominique Grimaud - Video Aventures




Monique Alba - Video Aventures




Patrick Vian - Red Noise








Zazou et Racaille - ZNR




Jean Pascal Boffo - Troll








Bernard Szazner




Igor Wakhevitch








Robert Frances - Sirenes Musique




Neuronium & Ashra




Neuronium & Vangelis




Michel Huygen - Neuronium




Juan Crek & Victor Nubla - Macromassa




Luis Perez




Carlos Alvarado - Via Lactea











Eurock Cover Gallery

Below are all of the covers, for all issues of Eurock Magazine published. The book (& e-Book), European Rock & the Second Culture, contain all the Feature articles with 240+ photos that were included in the magazines. The multitude of album reviews and covers however are sadly missing. Due to limitations on page length we were forced to choose between publishing our own European musical version of War & Peace (over 1,100 pages), or The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich (700+ pages). For practical and financial reasons we opted for the latter.

The magazine covers were previously scanned & included on the original multimedia Eurock CD-ROM entitled The Golden Age. I went back to those original source files and used them to create this new Cover Gallery.

Eurock was always about more than just the music. It was about the generational shift that was occurring at the time, and a new culture that was emerging all around the globe sparked by rock music. The result was a futuristic sound that initially came out of Europe, then later spread to all corners of the world ultimately changing the way we live today.

Over the past 40 years in the process of exploring this new experimental rock Eurock turned countless people on to the new music it uncovered. Among them were writers, musicians and graphic artists who were inspired by the music and in turn contributed their great work to the cause. The alchemy of art and music that Eurock featured resulted in a special publication that was much more than a music magazine. It was in many ways an audacious fusion of music, arts and sociology. The 40 +2 publications over 20 years dealt with a wide range of music genres and philosophical ideas. They also featured a graphic cover style that was highly diverse. From its hand drawn and stenciled DIY beginnings, the covers evolved using more surreal original works, avant-art collages and ultimately some of my favorite old European artists etchings/ prints. I can't be truly objective myself for obvious reasons, but as I assembled this gallery I was truly amazed how great some of the artwork was/ is, and how today many of the magazines still look innovative and are unique.

Also included here are the 2 special Eurock Editions - Vol I., the 20th Anniversary issue, a LTD Edition of 100 copies, which featured a reprint of the first 16 issues. Each copy was hand signed and came with a special Tarot Card from the deck designed by Walter Wegmuller & Sternenmadchen Gille of the Cosmic Couriers, spray glued on the back and place on the clear plastic cover by yours truly. Secondly, the Eurock Index featuring an indexed page reference listing for all artists included in the first 16 issues, that was contained in a special textured/ screen printed folder. Those were indeed the days my friends, no computers were involved in the process whatsoever.

Last but not least. I would like to give special thanks to Robert Carlberg for all of his kind and generous help over all of these years facilitating the documentation of Eurock. He spent months doing OCR on the texts, scanning graphics and doing lay out that in the end enabled me to give birth to the CD-ROM, Book & ultimately e-Book. I�ve been blessed by more than a few in my 40-year long Eurock crusade, without them all Eurock would not have existed.

Enjoy! Archie Patterson


#'s 1, 2, 3

    #'s 4, 5

 #'s 6, 7/8

#'s 9, 10


  # 11

  #'s 12, 13

#'s 14, 15

#'s 16, 17

#'s 18, 19

#'s 20, 21

#'s 22, 23/ 24

#'s 25, 26, 27

#'s 28, 29, 30, 31

#'s 32, 33, 34, 35

      #'s 36, 37, 38, 39

  # XX, V.1, Index

Special Thanks to Cover Artists:

Issue 4:  Front & Back Cover Photo - Kraftwerk Live Keystone Berkley, 1975 by AP, Issue 5: Front Cover Photo - Osanna, Back Cover Photo - Le Orme
Issue 7/8: Front Cover Photo - Christian Vander, Back Cover Photo - Magma, Issue 9: Front Cover Photo - Uli Trepte Spacebox, Back Cover - Art by Ray Klinger
Issue 10: Front Cover - Art by Norm DeValliere, Back Cover - Art by Ray Klinger, Issue 11: Front Cover - Art by James Haley, Back Cover - Art by Ray Klinger
Issue 12: Front & Back Cover - Art by Ray Klinger, Issue 13: Front & Back Cover - Art by Ray Klinger,
Issue 14: Front & Back Cover - Art by Greg Cannone, Issue 15: Front Cover - Art by Ray Klinger, Back Cover - Art by K Leimer
Issue 16: Front & Back Cover - "Mnemonist" Art by Torger Houghen, Issue 17: Front & Back Cover - "Mnemonist" Art by Torger Houghen,
Issue 18: Front & Back Cover - "Mnemonist" Art by Torger Houghen, Issue 19: Front & Back Cover - Triptych by Hieronymus Bosch
Issue 20: Front & Back Cover  - Art Ray Klinger, Issue 21: Front & Back Cover - Collages by Michael Roden
Issue 22: Front Cover - Collage by Michael Roden, Back Cover - Collage by Margaret Fabrizio, Issue 23/24: Front & Back Cover Photo - Urban Sax by Odile Pellissier
Issue 25: Front Cover - 1652 Engraving by Rembrandt, Back Cover - Art by Gustav Dore, Issues 26 -39: Front Covers - Art by Gustav Dore
Issue XX: Front Cover - Collage of Art by Tomas Gilsanz + Wolfgang Fenchel, Back Cover - Photo Buko
Volume I: Sternenmadchen Tarot Card, Eurock Index: Cover Art by Ray Klinger


(c) Eurock Archives 2013