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The Story so far...

1970's- FM radio, Alternative Magazine & 1st US Indie Distributor of Euro Rock

1980's- D.I.Y. LP + Cassette & CD label

1990's- Distribution via the WWW

2010- ~ Multimedia Podcasting, Interviews & Reviews.

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Exclusive Post Millennium Interviews

w/ Musicians & Producers

Pioneers of Euro Electronic

Space, Progressive, Experimental Music

Past ~ Present ~ Future!




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Mikhail Chekalin





Klassik Krautrock




Amon Duul 2




Ash Ra Tempel Live Paris




Manuel Göttsching




Baumann & Roedelius in Studio '78








Embryo in Tangiers




Guru Mani




Klaus Dinger




Ralf & Florian - LIVE USA 1975




Bartos & Fleur - LIVE USA 1975








Popol Vuh




Conny Viet




Tangerine Dream OHR Era




Uli Trepte Spacebox LIVE








Wolfgang Sequenza








Klaus Schulze




Floh de Cologne












Manuel & Rosi




Tangerine Dream Virgin Era




Witthuser & Westrupp




Starry Eyed Girl




Rolf Trostel




Rudiger Lorenz




Din A Testbild




Der Plan




Artistes Français




Lard Free




Urban Sax




Gilbert Artman




Art Zoyd




Univers Zero




Etron Fou Leloublan




Pascal Comelade




Armand Miralles








Annanka et Ivan - Fondation




Thierry Muller - Ilitch








Yochk'o Seffer




Richard Pinhas




Patrick Gauthier








Shub Niggurath








Andre Baldeck - Decko




Déficit des Années Antérieures




Didier Bocquet




Dominique Grimaud - Video Aventures




Monique Alba - Video Aventures




Patrick Vian - Red Noise








Zazou et Racaille - ZNR




Jean Pascal Boffo - Troll








Bernard Szazner




Igor Wakhevitch








Robert Frances - Sirenes Musique




Neuronium & Ashra




Neuronium & Vangelis




Michel Huygen - Neuronium




Juan Crek & Victor Nubla - Macromassa




Luis Perez




Carlos Alvarado - Via Lactea












Popol Vuh (Redux)
Watch HERE  
Frank Fiedler was Florian Fricke's partner in Popol Vuh. Since December 29, 2001 when Florian Fricke died, Frank has continued making his own music, releasing a CD entitled INSTANT ENLIGHTENMENT. He and is also a filmmaker. Linked to above is a piece by Frank entitled "Supernatural" that he's done which recaptures some of the magic and the essence of PV. He's also just made a striking 2-part filmography about America that features some great music as well. Watch & Enjoy!
For More INFO Frank

"Doktor" Bob
Watch & Listen HERE 
"Doktor" Bob is co-producer and engineer of the Eurock LIVE Podcasts. In real life an Apple and Android App creator,
he's also and über-doctor of Anatomy at UCLA in the California University system. In his spare time he dabbles in audio-visual/ analog synthe wizardry with a channel on YouTube. On the channel he showcases a myriad of his other music and video creations that will have your mind tripping the light fantastic, turning cartwheels across the floor and flying along on an audio/ visual journey into super sonic space.

Oculo Rapido - Analog Planetfall (CD)
Music Sample AnalogPlanetfallMP3
Under the creative nom de plume Oculo Rapido, the good "Doktor" creates the sonic architecture for the Eurock LIVE Podcast. ANALOG PLANETFALL is his first album release, a powerful ambient space effort full of deep dark undulations and surging currents of dense synthetics that will fry your synapses. "A stunning example of doombient sound..."
For more Info:

The Residents...Revealed!
Watch HERE  
in 2010 it's hard to believe, and many younger people don't know how different the music world was back in the late 60's and early 70's. Bill Reinhardt, a DJ, film maker and sound man for The Storefront Theater in PDX, was a friend of the Residents during that time. In their very early days he visited the boys down in SF and made a mini-documentary film, unseen until just recently. The "band" has since become a living legend and still makes some of the most unique and experimental "music" today. Bill's film is an amazing artifact of that time and that group of avant artistes. Take a look. You will be amazed...

Rock in Opposition
Rock In Opposition was not conceived to be a social or political organization, but more a musical collective that served as an intervention into “rock” culture encouraging free expression, experimentation and distribution. It was political only in the sense that it actively opposed the business of music as usual, which served primarily as a market mechanism to generate profit, producing and marketing music for mass consumption. RIO as an organization ceased to exist around 1981. The legacy of RIO was kept alive in the UK by Chris Cutler who founded Recommended Records in late 1978, which continues today as ReR Megacorp. RIO, the music, still exists in the form of occasional festivals featuring bands who continues the musical style.

Luc Marianni Nouvelles Du Passé
In the realm of French electronic music & experimental rock Luc Marianni was one of that scenes most original artists. Though not as well known as some of that scenes luminaries, his solo electronic albums were among the most adventurous and the albums by his Rock Critics group were pure avant-electro-rock mind candy. Today he hosts an eclectic music radio show and still releases mixed media projects. NEWS OF THE PAST is his brand new anthology of rock writings, artwork, photos, discography and unreleased music circa 1973-1988 (in French w/ some English). It's a 50 page (9" X 12") full-color book packaged with 2 CDs of his unreleased early period music that ranges the sonic spectrum from minimal, to spatial & darkly impressionist electronics. It's a striking and unique package, as well as historical document of a pioneer of
la musique underground Français! A LTD EDITION of only 60 copies!
 For More INFO Contact Luc Marianni

Kraftwerk Swedish TV Documentary 2001
Watch HERE   
In the beginning there was Organization, followed by Kraftwerk. They were a band which virtually revolutionized the face of pop music. I saw the band Live in 1973 at The Keystone Club in Berkeley, a small club it was maybe half-full.. They had licensed their first 3 albums before AUTOBAHN to Polygram US for $2,000 and used that money to pay for that tour. The story of Kraftwerk is spectacularly told (in English) on this 2001 High Quality Video Documentary done for Swedish TV. The band is now silent for almost a decade perhaps, perhaps never to record or release anything again.

Kraftwerk Live 1971 Flashback
Watch HERE
If perhaps you weren't alive and/ or hip to just how truly revolutionary and radical Krautrock was in terms of the historical lexicon of rock 'n' roll way back in 1971. There was always "the beat" front and center, but this TV performance of Kraftwerk back in the beginning w/ the original line-up of Rother, Dinger & Schneider will educate you. High Quality Video from WDR!

Ian Boddy Interview
Read HERE  
2010 marks the 30th year of Ian Boddy's electronic music explorations. Over that time span he has released some incredibly diverse productions on his own labels, originally Something Else, then his follow up DiN. The 30 some DiN releases not only contain his best works, but adventurous collaborations with some of Europe's other top indie experimentalists. In addition, he's done more commercially inclined productions of library music and film music as well. In October he released a striking new anniversary anthology of his works entitled PEARL. This brand new Interview offers a glimpse into his early days as well as what's up in the future.

Eurock Interview 2010
Read & Enjoy
Former long time DJ at WMFU in NYC, Tony Coulter migrated to the Left Coast in 2009. In late 2009 to kick off his new FMU Blog he hooked up with Archie Patterson and had a long conversation about his many years of being a promoter, journalist and cultural historian documenting the history of the European Rock scene. The result was an interesting in depth piece that goes into the many different ideas and actions of of the past 40 years of his work.

Luis Paniagua Interview
Luis is Spain's premier artists. He combines chamber music filled with keyboards, strings & ethnic instruments, with sitar, synthesizer & a multitude of electric + acoustic exotica. In this 2007 Interview Luis talks about his career and his music which displays a masterful grasp of composition and ethnic/ electronic music alchemy.

Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser
R-U Kaiser was the founder of OHR Records, the first label to promote & market the German experimental music underground in 1969-70.  Often I've gotten enquires about him & just recently found out some news. The New Year led me to write this reflection on him & the times in which we live. Let us all hope for new beginnings and better endings to come in the years ahead. Read The Mythos of R-U Kaiser

Manuel Goettsching Interview
Read the in depth 2006 Interview where Manuel talks about the development of his musical ideas. He begins with the early Ash Ra Tempel days, and continues on thru' the music of INVENTIONS FOR ELECTRIC GUITAR, E2-E4, NEW AGE OF EARTH, the Zeitkratzer Ensemble Concert, his newest releases & future projects.

Florian Fricke Interviews
Florian Fricke was a visionary musician. While he may have now left the earthly realm, the music and spirit of his mythical band Popol Vuh lives on more beautifully then ever in the stunning reissues by SPV. The following are 3 articles are Eurock Webzine Exclusives! Taken as a whole they may well offer the most clear portrait of the myth, the man and his music ever published. Please Read & Enjoy!

This 1989 Interview done at Florians house in Munich by Ian Laycock is one of the few, and perhaps best Interviews ever done with Florian. Ian has graciously allowed to publish it for the first time here. It allows us a glimpse into the the special nature of the man who made music which to this day remains truly timeless and unique. Enjoy reading, then listen to his music and be uplifted.

A rare 1996 Interview  done by Florians manager Gerhard Augustin. It offers an inside look at the man who pioneered what later came to be known as new age music. His early works AFFENSTUNDE & IN DEN GARTEN PHARAOS combined Moog synthesizer with cosmic and ethnic influences into a pop music context. Both today still rank as definitive works of the genre.

Jasun Martz 21st Century Classical Music
In 1978 Jasun Martz released a stunning work of symphonic progressive music entitled THE PILLORY. Flash forward to the present when he has just released a magnificent follow up, two and a half decades later, entitled THE PILLORY / THE BATTLE. After almost 25 years Jasun and I reconnected and had a great chat. Read this 2005 Interview where he talked about his life and new music.

Japan's Aska Temple
Read a rare Interview with John Ubel, leader and creative musical free spirit behind the fantastic Japanese Aska Temple. His band flashes back to Manuel Goettsching and Ash Ra Tempels original space age sound, taking it one step further. His new album is scheduled for release in SEPT 2004.

Artemiy & Edward Artemiev - Father & Son
Artemiy Artemiev, is the son of noted Russian electronic composer Edward Artemiev. He has produced several outstanding synthetic works over the last 5 years on his own Electroshock Records label. Now he is organizing an International Electronic Music Festival to be held in Russia at the end of July 2002. Recently EUROCK did an in depth Interview with him and his father which makes for absolutely fascinating reading.

UK ELECTRONICA - Mark Shreeve + Radio Massacre International Interviews
UK Electronica begins a series of pieces devoted to covering some of the best electronic musicians and bands of today. This installment contains brand new Interviews with Mark Shreeve of Red Shift, one of the very first UK electronic musicians way back in 1980, plus Radio Massacre International, one of Europe's best trios who specialize in classic improvised soundscapes in the tradition of the Berlin school pioneers.

Supersister's Robert Jan Stips
A very rare year post Millennium Interview with R.J. Stips, keyboardist extraordinaire for the legendary Supersister (and many other great Dutch bands). Supersister  recently re-formed and have recorded a stunning new LIVE album. The Interview covers his long history in "pop" music, and strives to document one of my own personal favorite musicians.

German Rock Impresario Gerhard Augustin
In the beginning in Germany there were a very few who believed in rock and roll. Gerhard was one of the pioneers with his TV program The Beat Club and the signing of Can and Amon Düül 2 and Popol Vuh to contracts with a major label. This rare Interview tells his fascinating story.

The Legendary Giorgio Gomelsky
The Stones,  The Yardbirds, Vangelis, Gong, Magma and more, Giorgio was there at the beginnings of them all. He started one of the first hip clubs in the UK and helped create "Le Souterrain Francaise" (the French Underground) circuit for experimental rock. A legend in his own lifetime and a great man as well. This is a must read Interview.

Klaus D. Mueller - Klaus Schulze Music Publisher
From equipment man, to promoter, manager and music publisher for Klaus Schulze, few know music and the business like KDM. Out spoken , intelligent and honest, I respect few people more than him. We've shared stories for decades, and following different paths we've come in some sense to the same place through our love of music. A fascinating Interview.

Eurock - The Story of the GOLDEN AGE CD-ROM
Noted Krautrock journalist Fred Mills did a nice write up about THE GOLDEN AGE and Interview recently with Archie Patterson for Magnet Magazine. Here is the complete text that offers a glimpse into the the creation of the CD -ROM, and perhaps the lighter side of a dark mind (smile).

The Mythos of Stephan Kaske
This is a brand new Interview with the Mythos main man, on one of Germany's longest lived original OHR "cosmic" musicians. The first I know of being done, it shows him to be not only a creative musician, but very interesting human being as well. I think you'll find it great reading.

Julian Ash of NLC 
One of my fave new musical discoveries of the last 5 years has been Nouvelle Lectures Cosmopolite. The creative "nom de plume" of one Julian Ash. This recent Interview offers up a glimpse of a "musician" who does not fall into the ego trap of the typical "artiste". It's refreshing to know such people from my perspective and his music is perhaps so fresh and unique because of that.

Russia's Ole Lukkoye
A 2001 Interview with Boris Bardash of Ole Lukkoye, the amazing Russian band that fuses the sound and spirit of Pink Floyd, Faust and Peter Gabriel's PASSION era into a unique series of excellent albums.

Bernard Gueffier "Le President de Musea"
MUSEA  RECORDS has become one of the most successful and influential independent progressive record labels in history. This Interview with it's managing director Bernard Gueffier gives an eye opening look into the  very beginnings and current operations of the label. I think you'll find it illuminating reading and a textbook example of how to run a record company in the right way so that it benefits fans, artists and all others concerned.

Archie Patterson Interview
At the time of release of THE GOLDEN AGE, Jerry Kranitz of AURAL INNOVATIONS did the following Interview. It goes into detail about the beginnings of EUROCK and its development over the last 27+ years.

Music For The 3rd Millennium *LIVE Concert*
At the close of 2000 the UK scene staged a final live EM spectacular. Featuring the likes of Moebius & Rother, Alquimia and more. It was a great year end affair. Read the Live Concert Report.

DAMO "Live in PDX Interview"  
In late OCT 2000 Damo Suzuki's Network did a short tour of the USA - West Coast. When he passed through Portland we met up and had a nice chat. Read the Interview now.

Manuel Goettsching's Millennium Interview
Read an Interview with Manuel Goettsching that offers insight into the events that shaped his career. He reflects on the past as well as hints at future plans for touring and recording with a newly reconstituted formulation of Ashra.

Supernatural Fairy Tales
Flashback to the Golden Era of Progressive Rock with Rhino Record's 5 CD box set Supernatural Fairy Tales. Includes a 60 page booklet featuring group history's and track liner notes. Compiled and Annotated by yours truly. Now deleted form the Rhino Records Catalog it's became a sought after collectors item.