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1970's- FM radio, Alternative Magazine & 1st US Indie Distributor of Euro Rock

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2010- ~ Multimedia Podcasting, Interviews & Reviews.

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Pioneers of Euro Electronic

Space, Progressive, Experimental Music

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Mikhail Chekalin





Klassik Krautrock




Amon Duul 2




Ash Ra Tempel Live Paris




Manuel Göttsching




Baumann & Roedelius in Studio '78








Embryo in Tangiers




Guru Mani




Klaus Dinger




Ralf & Florian - LIVE USA 1975




Bartos & Fleur - LIVE USA 1975








Popol Vuh




Conny Viet




Tangerine Dream OHR Era




Uli Trepte Spacebox LIVE








Wolfgang Sequenza








Klaus Schulze




Floh de Cologne












Manuel & Rosi




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Witthuser & Westrupp




Starry Eyed Girl




Rolf Trostel




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Din A Testbild




Der Plan




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Lard Free




Urban Sax




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Art Zoyd




Univers Zero




Etron Fou Leloublan




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Armand Miralles








Annanka et Ivan - Fondation




Thierry Muller - Ilitch








Yochk'o Seffer




Richard Pinhas




Patrick Gauthier








Shub Niggurath








Andre Baldeck - Decko




Déficit des Années Antérieures




Didier Bocquet




Dominique Grimaud - Video Aventures




Monique Alba - Video Aventures




Patrick Vian - Red Noise








Zazou et Racaille - ZNR




Jean Pascal Boffo - Troll








Bernard Szazner




Igor Wakhevitch








Robert Frances - Sirenes Musique




Neuronium & Ashra




Neuronium & Vangelis




Michel Huygen - Neuronium




Juan Crek & Victor Nubla - Macromassa




Luis Perez




Carlos Alvarado - Via Lactea








MHuygen Interview



The Psychotronic Music of


AMBIcon 2013 Interview with Michel Huygen

In 1977, Neuronium released their first album of Psychotronic Music entitled Quasar 2C361. That was followed in 1978 by their even more audacious second album Vuelo Quimico (Chemical Flight), featuring former lead singer of the Velvet Underground, Nico.

For its 40th Anniversary, Hearts of Space Music commander Stephen Hill staged the most amazing electronic music convention ever conceived, AMBIcon 2013. A multimedia extravaganza of sight & 5.1 Surround Sound, it featured a stellar international cast of some of the finest electronic and sacred space musicians ever assembled: Jeff Pearce, Robert Rich, Tim Story, Stephan Micus, Michael Stearns, Steve Roach, Hans Christian and Stellamara.

Also in attendance, flying under the radar was Spanish pioneer of Cosmic Electronic Music Michel Huygen, and me. Going on 35 years of contact and collaboration, we literally walked into each others life. This happenstance lead to 2 days of serendipity and perhaps a hundred separate life stories shared. We decided to have a sit down and this Interview is the recorded result. I am thinking another may well follow it up as a future meeting may well be written in the stars as well. Stay tuned.

To add to the Audio, I have gone into the Eurock Archives & scanned a goodly number of photos and Phantastic art by long time friend & Neuronium collaborator, 83 year old Spanish surrealist extraordinaire Tomas Gilsanz.

Without further ado, I invite you to now Listen & Enjoy!


Photo Gallery



Neuronium + Ashra, Spanish TV ~ Neuronium + Vangelis, London

Art Gallery






 [Art by Tomas Gilsanz]

[Photos Eurock Archives]